SocialEngine 4.1.8p1 – Download the Patch!

SocialEngine - Community Software

4.1.8p1 is now released to address certain issues with 4.1.8. It is available to download from the client area of your account, and you can upgrade directly to 4.1.8p1 from prior versions. We thank you for your patience with bug reporting.
Here is a list of the changes:

  • Fixed cross-domain issues with MaxCDN and Flash
  • Fixed SSL error with PayPal
  • Added cleanup script for chat to fix issues with deleted members
  • Fixed issues with switching profile categories on browse members page
  • Fixed issues with the feed disappearing and friend suggestion
  • Fixed rare hang up when generating a random password
  • Fixed issue with orphaned job processes
  • Fixed issue with pulling link preview in the feed for non-English, non-UTF8 pages
  • Fixed issue passing the ID in the subscription signup step
  • Fixed issue with downloading log files
  • Fixed error viewing a disabled profile
  • Added the “Require Sign-in” page to the layout editor

Please contact us if you have any questions about the release, and always remember to backup your database before making changes to your installation.

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