SocialEngine PHP 4.8.3 Released

SocialEngine - Community Software


  • Added ability to upload and encode HTML5-compatible videos
  • Added HTML5 video player on mobile

Bug Fixes:

  • Site-wide statistics now work in Chrome
  • Corrected an issue where auto-suggest would only suggest friends
  • Corrected an issue where mobile sign-ups didn’t require a photo in spite of it being required
  • Login history is now sorted by timestamp by default


  • Removed deprecated/unused functions (If you have a lot of 3rd party addons, contact them to ensure everything still works)
  • Corrected some typos in the Engine library

How to ensure you can upload HTML5-enabled videos

Only requirement is that your FFMPEG is compiled with h264 encoder support, and in your SE PHP video settings the HTML5 Support is enabled. Mike has put together a video on how to ensure you can have html5-enabled videos.  In the video below, we walk you through installing a statically built ffmpeg without root access, SE PHP admin setup to use that version of ffmpeg, as well as the demo of the newly available mobile-friendly video playback.

How to upgrade

SocialEngine clients can grab the new SE PHP 4.8.3 code from the client area. Remember to make a complete backup of your installation before performing an upgrade. If you’ve made significant custom changes to your source code, remember that they could pose problems during the upgrade process, so enlist a developer to help you if you’re not comfortable with the process yourself. We do have an upgrade service available for $150. You can purchase it from your customer account at

As always, please submit any feature or bug requests for SE PHP to our public bug and feature request tracker.

Update: When pushing this version, we’ve incorrectly tagged the core module with version 4.8.4, which was available for approximately 24 hours. We’ve re-tagged it with the correct version, but once its time for new version, we’ll be skipping 4.8.4 and just releasing it as 4.8.5 to ensure smooth updates for all users.

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