SocialEngine PHP 4.8.2 Released

SocialEngine - Community Software

New release is out! This one includes a much needed performance fix, by being more intelligent with polling the server for updates.  Test it out and let us know what you think!

  • Added ability to sort and filter login history
  • Added option to not automatically friend request invited members
  • Select language based on the browser’s Accept-Language header

Bug fixes:

  • Improved request backoff for activity feed and chat polling
  • Deleting a photo from an album no longer will remove album from your activity feed
  • Made searching members less strict
  • Users who don’t meet the privacy criteria cannot be added as guests to an event


  • Old/unused code cleanup

Core Zend Update

As we’ve mentioned in our 4.8.0 Release Notes, we’ve upgraded zend to 1.12.3, which resolved a myriad of long standing and annoying bugs.  Unfortunately, it didn’t fix the issue for clients who had used the upgrade, only brand new installs benefited.  Today we’ve fixed that.
This upgrade only applies to customers that want to upgrade from versions prior to v4.8.0 to versions v4.8.0 onwards. To download and install the upgrade please login into your client area, click on “Zend Framework Upgrade” and then follow the regular procedure outlined in our Packages & Plugins Knowledge Base article.

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