SocialEngine PHP 4.5 Released – Performance Improvements & New Modern Theme

SocialEngine - Community Software

Good news! We’ve done another SocialEngine PHP development sprint and finally released SE PHP 4.5 today.
Features & improvements

  • New Modern theme
  • Added link support to poll options
  • Performance improvements (improved loading of comment likes in feed, optimized Zend locale data files)

Bug fixes

  • Missing attach link icon in composer on mobile
  • Translation support for profile field privacy settings
  • Several missing phrases added to default language pack
  • Hiding the global header/footer using the layout editor now works correctly for mobile
  • Fixed duplicate results in message search
  • Fixed event privacy option “Group Members” not saving
  • Fixed error in Chrome on video view page
  • Forum widgets now respect forum privacy settings
  • Fixed placeholder/overtext positioning in the composer on mobile
  • Twitter OAuth now uses SSL

Modern Theme
SocialEngine PHP 4.5 includes a new default them named “Modern”. We hope you guys think it’s nicer and more contemporary than the previous default theme, but let us know. 🙂

SocialEngine Modern Theme

Performance Improvements
We know performance is an absolute priority for some of you so we’ve done our best to identify and improve on the bottlenecks we’ve found without creating any compatibility issues for third-party addons. Some of you should see page load speed improvements with SE PHP 4.5, depending on your server config, resource limits and usage levels. We’ll continue to focus on performance improvements with our next SE PHP release. Remember – if you’re having speed issues, please be sure that your site is in Production Mode (you can enable it from your admin panel homepage).
Let us know what you think about SE PHP 4.5. Happy community building!

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