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If you’re looking to add even more value and engagement to your site, look no further than CometChat. In a very straightforward and unobtrusive way, users can chat with others within your Socialengine Cloud community plus those outside like on Facebook, Google Chat and other social networks for example. You’ll also get real time translation, file, document, screen sharing and other cool stuff your community members will love; increasing each user’s time spent on your site and growing your user base.

I got to talk with Anant from CometChat who was really excited about the new SocialEngine Cloud integration.

“We are excited to announce the launch of CometChat for SocialEngine Cloud. CometChat will enable you to instantly add hundreds of features to your site and keep users glued on for hours. CometChat will seamlessly integrate with your SocialEngine Cloud site meaning, your users will be automatically logged into CometChat when they login to your site. It only takes a minute to install and there is no programming knowledge required.”

Features include audio/video chat, chatrooms, screen sharing, whiteboard, games, announcements and more.
CometChat SocialEngine CloudCometChat also integrates with the SocialEngine mobile site!
When your users visit your mobile site, CometChat will automatically appear as a tab in the mobile menu enabling your users to chat from wherever they are.

CometChat on SocialEngine Cloud

Learn more and get a 14-day free trial at:

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