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In a continuing effort provide the best possible experience for our clients and experts, we’re making changes to the SocialEngine marketplace. Along with changing the name from SocialEngine Marketplace to SocialEngine Store, this post will outline the changes that we are confident will improve the experience for all parties involved.There have been many misunderstandings as to what “certified” products should be and we want to improve the process. For this reason we are discontinuing the certification of products for now. In future planned updates, we’ll introduce a better method of providing products that SocialEngine can more confidently stand behind.
Clients can still purchase third party products from the SocialEngine Store and download those purchases from within their client dashboard. Store terms have not changed and all products that have been purchased are still available in your accounts. The only change other than the store name and design is that moving forward we will no longer be testing the products listed in the store.
Experts can and should still submit their products to the SocialEngine store. There will no longer be a testing fee as we’ve removed the testing of products. Please keep in mind, however, that there is still a listing commission. We will be reviewing each submission to check that the listing conforms to our posting standards and guidelines. Core edits and callbacks are still not allowed. Terms regarding product support and expert conduct have not changed and are still expected to meet or exceed the posted guidelines. Products can be listed at the expert’s site but can still only be sold in the store and not at the expert’s site.
These upcoming improvements will include an updated design to the store aimed at better showcasing products and providing a much faster website. Further improvements in our roadmap include installation and purchase of store products right within the admin panel, better product review system, code review of products to ensure standards are met, discount coupons, better bundling ability, and much more.
Stay tuned to SocialEngine announcements and the community as we post more updates!
Thank you all for your continued loyalty to the SocialEngine brand. Our team is always humbled by the love and dedication that our community sends our way.
The SocialEngine Team
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