Announcing New Partnership with BryZar Hosting

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As our company progresses towards a new vision, we’ve made a change to our SocialEngine PHP recommended hosting provider. Our vision for 2019 and the future is to provide progressive options for clients. With this in mind, we felt a need to change direction regarding where we send clients for hosting and how we provide trials for those looking to purchase.

We would like to introduce you to our new recommended host, BryZar. BryZar offers several options for their cloud hosting plans. In addition to their hosting, they also have features that will be very helpful to SocialEngine clients such as global data centers, Nginx and Memcached to make your site faster, free offsite backups and so much more.
For our trial clients BryZar has graciously offered to set up the full version for free for 30 days! That’s right! Free for 30 days – no hosting fee during that time for clients who sign up for the trial while they are using the trial! This will reduce any issues related with clients trying to set up trials on hosts that might not conform to the trial requirements. This also allows clients to fully test the SocialEngine PHP product on PHP 7 and up, an option not available with the encrypted trial. We feel this option will provide a much better experience for trial clients as it will not require converting from trial. This option excites us a great deal as we tried to resolve issues trial clients experienced.
For full transparency, we want to let you know that BryZar is co-owned by our Chief Evangelist, Donna, and her partner in the Philippines who has been in the hosting business for more than 10 years. They’ve developed several features unique to their hosting and have many more planned. Though Donna works for SocialEngine, BryZar is a completely separate entity from SocialEngine and is not part of the SocialEngine brand.
We hope you’ll join us in welcoming BryZar as our recommended host!