SocialEngine Group Launched on oDesk

SocialEngine - Community Software

SocialEngine has partnered with oDesk to give SocialEngine clients a new way to find developers, designers, and other contractors. oDesk has a very active community of contractors ready to work on your project. They give you tools that help you monitor your contractors’ progress as they work on your project, and they will also help you securely pay for the work completed.

Prior to our partnership with oDesk, we had created our own job posting board right here on the SocialEngine website. While this worked well, we noticed that some of the project requests went without bids because the pool of available contractors was limited to those registered here. Our new SocialEngine oDesk Group will replace the old system, so if you’ve recently posted a job request, we definitely suggest that you head to our oDesk Group and re-post it there. oDesk has thousands of developers eager to work on SocialEngine-related jobs, so I think you’ll all see a lot more interest in your SocialEngine projects!

To hire a contractor for your SocialEngine project:

  1. Post your custom job in the SocialEngine Group on oDesk.
  2. Qualified contractors interested in your project will reply to your post.
  3. You select the contractor that you feel best fits your job requirements.

If you’re a designer or developer and you’re interested in working on SocialEngine-related projects, join the SocialEngine oDesk Group to see what jobs are available.

Edit March 29, 2011: We have had several third-party developers contact us to point out that oDesk supports freelance developers but not development companies. They were concerned because we had taken down the list of customization partners, leaving experienced and highly-rated developers no way to advertise their services. We never intended to forsake our loyal SocialEngine developers, so in response to these concerns, we have put the third-party developers page back up. Thank you all for your well-reasoned critiques and your continued support!

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