SocialEngine Cloud Code Base Updated, New Domain:

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This exciting update arrives from the culmination of months of work to drive the SocialEngine Cloud product forward with a speed and stability not before possible, given the previous infrastructure and code base.

New Infrastructure for SocialEngine Cloud

Our vastly improved infrastructure allows SocialEngine Cloud to further scale without worry. In addition, a new and improved automated deployment system kills a wide range of prior limitations.

New Code Base for SocialEngine Cloud

We’re going live with our code base using the modern Larvel web app framework. We have separated our three properties (SocialEngine website, SocialEngine Cloud sites, customer database) into three distinct code bases, making it easier to develop, maintain and upgrade all three individually. A lot of legacy code has been removed and we’ve improved maintenance.

New Domains for SocialEngine Cloud Sites

Beginning today, all SocialEngine Cloud sites are moving to a new, dedicated domain: This is a security measure aimed at removing potential vectors for cross domain attacks targeting the main session as well as vectors for phishing attacks relying on the presence of the “” domain to build a false sense of trust in malicious websites.
If you’ve configured a custom domain for your site (“” instead of “”) then you are not affected by this change.
If your SocialEngine Cloud site was previously served from a domain, all traffic will be redirected to the new location indefinitely, so you won’t have to change any links.
From this point on, any website hosted under the domain may be assumed to be an official SocialEngine product or service.
Please contact support if you experience any issues due to these changes. We’ve taken measures to prevent any serious breakage but this is a major change and could have unexpected consequences. Do not hesitate to contact support for assistance.

New Services Tab

Because social integrations are important, we wanted to make sure you have total visibility into all the options you have with SocialEngine. The code behind the Services Tab sets us up to add more integrations and social login choices, in addition to pulling in more information and making it easier to modify those integrations.

LinkedIn Available To All

LinkedIn is working again and everyone can use LinkedIn as a sign in. Anyone who has logged in with LinkedIn will need to reauthorize their accounts.
With appreciation,
The SocialEngine Team

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