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We have an exciting announcement to make:

SocialEngine 4 will be offered free of charge to all SocialEngine 3 clients.

We’ve been thrilled with the response from the announcement of SocialEngine 4. However we know many of you were debating whether to purchase the current version or wait for SocialEngine 4 so we’ve made the decision easy for you: purchase SocialEngine now and receive both platforms for the same price.

We have some other exciting announcements in the works which will only be available through the Webligo twitter feed so make sure you’re following! (Webligo Twitter)

We’ve been receiving many questions regarding the release so we wanted to answer a couple of the common ones:

  • When will SocialEngine 4 be released?
  • We’re hard at work developing SE4 and will have it completed as soon as possible. We expect to have a beta demo launched within 4-6 weeks. We have not yet set a final release date since quality is our number one priority and we will not release SE4 until it meets the high standards we’ve set for it.

  • What will the upgrade cost?
  • The upgrade will be free for clients with current 3.x licenses!

  • Will you provide an upgrade script?
  • Yes, we will provide an upgrade/migration script free of charge that will migrate all users and content from your current SE3 installation to a new SE4 installation. The migration script will not be released immediately however, it will be provided several weeks after the initial release.

  • Will you continue to support SocialEngine 3 after the release of SocialEngine 4?
  • Yes. We will continue to support and maintain SocialEngine 3 for a substantial time after the release of SE4 and will announce the end of support months in advance.

  • Do I have to upgrade?
  • No. SocialEngine 3 is a solid product and while we think you’ll love the speed and functionality boosts of version 4, version 3 will be no less viable. We actually have numerous clients running SocialEngine 2 still without any problems.

  • Are my customizations to SocialEngine 3 compatible with SocialEngine 4?
  • No. SocialEngine 4 is a complete rewrite of the platform utilizing the Zend framework and therefore SE3.x customizations are not compatible.

  • Should I purchase SocialEngine now or wait for the new version?
  • We know this a tough decision which is why we’ve taken the risk out of it. Purchase SocialEngine today and you will receive the new platform for free when released. Essentially you’ll be receiving both platforms for the same price, giving you the flexibility of examining both codebases and getting the best of both worlds.

  • Will you charge for the plugin upgrades? For the upgrade script?
  • No, 3.X clients will receive the platform and all purchased plugins upgraded for free. There will be no charge for the upgrade script.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or comments using the contact form and be sure to follow us on Twitter!

The SocialEngine Team

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