SocialEngine 3.07, Videos 3.01 Released

SocialEngine - Community Software

John and Sami have made some nice updates to both the video plugin and the main platform.

In the video plugin:
1. We’ve integrated a flash uploader for a more pleasant upload experience (including a progress bar). The uploader is Flash 10 compatible.
2. Some compatibility issues with several video formats have been fixed.
3. A troubleshooting page has been added to the admin panel, which allows you to see the FFMPEG configuration on your server as well as a list of compatible video encoding types.
4. Some minor bugs have been fixed in the video plugin installer.

In the main platform:
1. The PM system has been vastly improved and should now operate much more efficiently.
2. We’ve laid the foundation for improving performance for all of the plugins by adding columns for comment counts in the database, as opposed to joining to comment tables to get the comment count for various plugin-related objects. This will come into effect when we update the plugins to work with this new feature.

We hope you guys all like these improvements! Our primary goal right now is to make SE more extensible and efficient for larger installations, so you will continue to see improvements like these released over the next few weeks. Thanks everyone!

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