Login Issues

SocialEngine - Community Software

Over the last couple months we’ve received some reports of login issues with a very small fraction of SocialEngine customers. Our team has been working on addressing the issue, however the lack of frequency and inability to consistently reproduce the issue has delayed our ability to release a patch.

We’d like to ask for your assistance in fixing the issue as quickly as possible. If you are experiencing any login issues which are reproducible, please get in touch with us at “loginissue@socialengine.net” so we can collect as much information as possible and work with you to resolve the issue.

Please include the following information:

  1. URL where SocialEngine is hosted
  2. SocialEngine version
  3. Operating system and web server
  4. Steps to reproduce the bug
  5. FTP / cPanel login credentials (optional but helpful)

We appreciate your cooperation in making SocialEngine the best social networking platform!

UPDATE: Thank you to all those that provided us with information. We believe that we have pinpointed the cause of the problem and should be releasing a patch shortly.

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