Janrain and Social DNA Comparison Chart

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The latest version of SocialEngine includes Janrain – a feature that lets you connect your Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, and other social networking accounts to your SocialEngine site. This feature offers your users multiple and easy ways to register for your site. Although Janrain is very similar in spirit to Social DNA, a popular plugin created by SocialEngineMods, both have major differences in their offerings. Below is a comparison chart of both options – so you can decide which one is right for you.

Janrain Social DNA

  • – FREE for up to 2500 users/year
  • – $10 for up to 5,000 users/month
  • – $1,000 for up to 10k users/year
  • – $2,250 for up to 25k users/year
  • – More than 25k contact for quote

Pricing: One time payment of $59 for connectivity solution, with additional features available.

Limits: Free until you reach 2,500 users Limits: No limits on maximum # of users
Integration: Officially integrated in the core product and supported by SE Engineers. Integration: 3rd party plugin.
Branding: Branded or pay to remove branding. Branding: White label – no mentions of “Powered by 3rd party”
Support: Supported by Janrain and SocialEngine. Support: Supported by SocialEngineMods.

  • – Over 50+ platforms to connect to.
  • – Let your users share comments, purchases, or other activities from your site to their friends on multiple social networks.
  • – Gather rich demographic profile information of your users at sign-in without requiring them to fill out long registration forms.
  • – Enable your users to import their friends and contacts to your website to instantly build community and engagement.
  • – Mobile Login
  • – Track login data and social sharing statistics. Measure & report on the referral traffic generated back to your site.

  • – Easily setup social services via integrated SocialEngine admin panel
  • – 50+ supported social services
  • – Quick Registration – import full user profile data and map into SocialEngine fields for quick painless registration
  • – Full profile data importing and easy mapping of imported social network user data to SocialEngine fields via admin panel
  • – Invite Facebook friends
  • – Rich statistics on incoming referral traffic and user activity engagement
  • – Mobile access from mini-browsers
  • – Unlimited number of connection providers
Click here to learn more. Click here to learn more.

As you can see from the chart, both products offer completely different solutions. If you are looking for an economical solution, Social DNA is the suitable choice. If you wish to professionaly analyze your login data + hire a company dedicated primarily for developing the social connect feature, Janrain would be the better solution.

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