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Condolences from SocialEngine

The SocialEngine team is extending our condolences to our friends, family, and clients in the UK and across the world on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. She was so much more than a leader and her legacy will live on forever. Her compassion, dignity, wisdom and sense of humor gave us all a glimpse…

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Server Maintenance Downtime

Hello, As part of our routine server maintenance, our servers will go offline tomorrow morning at 4am EST for approximately an hour. During this time, our main website will be down, including the client dashboard. Our SaaS service SE Unite will also be down for this maintenance period. SE Cloud and our community will be up and not…

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Seeking feedback: SocialEngine Mobile Chat App

Hey SE site builders! One of the product ideas we’ve been kicking around at SocialEngine HQ recently is a mobile chat app. This would let anyone (including those of you who haven’t setup a SocialEngine-powered site yet) create a live messaging mobile app for your site or community. Think something like WhatsApp or GroupMe, but…

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$1.1 Billion is Pretty Cool … Online Communities Are Worth a Lot!

Congratulations to the community builders at Tumblr who announced on Monday that they’ll be selling their company to Yahoo! for $1.1 billion.  For those of you who don’t know, Tumblr is a site that makes it easy for users to host multimedia and other content in short-form blogs.

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Forums vs Social Networks

If you’re considering whether to build a forum or social network, this article should be helpful to you. The mediums through which people interact with one another online is constantly changing. If you take a step back and think about all of the different ways you have communicated with the people in your life in…

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SocialEngine Cloud Beta [Infographic]

Recently we launched our beta program  to a group of passionate SocialEngine users. Over the last 30 days we’ve talked with a lot of you, listened to your feedback and got to know everyone in the community. There has been over 500 signups and posts, over 1100 comments and 4100 votes! We’re really excited about…

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Social Media, Sports and SocialEngine

I’m drinking a Coke emblazoned with the Olympic rings and a silhouette of a tennis player against USA stripes. 2012 has changed the Olympic Games. In June, we tweeted an article that labeled the London Games the “socialympics” and went on to say, “Hash tags, (at) signs and “like” symbols will be as prevalent as…

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New Support Option: Recurring Support

Simplify payments with our new ongoing support service. Receive 30 days at the lower price of $45, and say goodbye to remembering to renew. Our technicians like to tinker, so let them troubleshoot your tickets any time things need tweaking! Please email us if you have any questions!

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Webhive – Designing Process

WebHive is a team of talented developers from the Ukraine. They’ve been developing for SocialEngine for years. Below, they provide you a quick glimpse of their design process. WebHive: Clients often ask about our designing process. So we’d just like to provide you with the few common steps we utilize for desiging templates/plugins. 1. Understanding Requirements…

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Janrain and Social DNA Comparison Chart

The latest version of SocialEngine includes Janrain – a feature that lets you connect your Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, and other social networking accounts to your SocialEngine site. This feature offers your users multiple and easy ways to register for your site. Although Janrain is very similar in spirit to Social DNA, a popular…