Interest-Based Communities vs Social Networks = TKO

Interest-Based Communities vs Social Networks = TKO

Life is best spent with those you love and those who share your same interests and passions. The funny thing is, sometimes those two crowds are substantially different.

Where Social Communities Fall Short
Social-based communities have limitations. For the most part, individuals in these online communities find themselves connected to people with whom they are already acquainted, such as family, loved ones, school or work friends. Much of what they hear, say and do is conducted in an echo chamber of similar political views or endless photos of one’s life. While social communities are a great way to keep up with friends and loved ones, they do not necessarily give you the opportunity to explore topics of interest to you.
Interest-Based Communities Support and Develop Members
While still being able to connect with those around them, interest-based community members share their passions, interests and desires with a group of like-minded individuals.
One of the best things about interest-based communities is that it gives individuals the opportunity to:

  • develop skills
  • pursue hobbies
  • explore talents
  • gain knowledge
  • receive support

…in a helpful and welcoming environment.
The amount of engagement among members of a social-based community is consistent, but usually does not drive any additional thoughts or learnings.
Typically, the most a member might engage is through a like (or, if one is so lucky, a comment on a photo).
However, with interest-based communities, more time is spent looking for deeper knowledge and understanding. It is a way to explore and converse new ideas not available before the person became involved with the interest-based community.
New Bonds Amongst Members
With interest-based communities, the choice to spend time interacting and giving back is often an easy one, because when individuals enjoy the same subjects–or are being challenged by the same life circumstances–it creates a bond worth their effort.
Not only does this help everyone to enjoy life or find solutions to problems, but it also develops unique relationships among the people within their interest-based community, no matter of geographic location.

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