Five Reasons to Start a Branded Community

Five Reasons to Start a Branded Community

Milllenials and Generation Z have forced many marketers and business owners to realize just how powerful branded communities are as a business strategy. Because these generations grew up with social media and the internet, they expect more meaningful relationships with the companies they chose to buy products from.

Though a select few brands have enjoyed brand loyalty throughout the years — like Apple or Harley Davidson — to most marketers, these seem like rare occurrences only elite brands enjoy; not an active business strategy to help build loyalty. However, the internet now enables businesses of all sizes to build a community around its brand and enjoy frictionless sales paths and free word of mouth marketing that comes with these communities.

What are Branded Communities?

Branded communities consist of like-minded people who enjoy interacting with one another in an environment designated to represent your customers and brand. Though some people have been able to successfully build forum communities around their brands, forums don’t function like our favorite social media platforms. Social media sites encourage social interaction and foster, (in many ways), very satisfying casual, friendship-like social interactions. In fact, experts find that people spend 28% of their online time on social websites. In addition, if you observe your friends and family, you will notice even new social sites can find an audience quickly. How many people have you heard mention that they, “were on SnapChat,” just a month or two after the developers launched the app?


Building a community around your brand turns your brand into a pleasant part of your customers’ daily life. Here are your five reasons to build a branded community:

  1. Customers associate your products with recreation, fun and escape
  2. You gain free word of mouth advertising
  3. You gain instant support for any new products you introduce
  4. You can promote more often and spend less money on advertising, because all your customers are in a concentrated location, (Does Harley Davidson really have to advertise in Time Magazine, USA Today or even Men’s Health? It’s just not necessary.) and
  5. Lastly, you gain a deeper understanding of who your customers really are, where they come from, what they value, why they love your brand and what they want to see next from you

Customers that have socially engaged relationships with their favorite brands say that they spend 20-40% more on those brands than they would otherwise; so build your branded community today, on!

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