December Community Roundup

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Greetings all. We hope your Holiday celebrations were wonderful and we hope you are all home safe and sound! Here’s a quick look at what everyone has been up to for the past month.

New Add-ons and Updates:

Giggle Theme – Endless color possibilities, that can be changed with ease, by changing few color codes in Theme CSS amongst many more features!
Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 11.39.53 AM
Kaboo Theme – fresh design, a black transparent header with a background image, a landing page to create an awesome presentation, and much more.
Advanced Feed System – Tag and hash tag provide a fantastic way to mention your friend in a post or a quick search of all feeds that contain certain hash tag. Privacy and Filters help users share their feed to the right people and make their main wall cleaner by filtering out unnecessary feeds. In addition, it provides emoticon and location check-ins which are a must-have on any social network.
Social Games plugin – 400+ games  that can be added to your social network with 1 click!
Sticker – Allow your users to send and receive stickers in much the same way that is offered via Facebook!
Jalali Calendar – This modifications will replace the Gregorian calendar with the Jalali calendar.
Advanced Comments – This plugin includes 3 smiles packages with short codes! Also you can add category of smiles with a picture of the category and smiles into this category.
Live Chat System – Social Chat will provide a new way for users to communicate with their friends in real-time!

New SocialEngine Sites:

UAE2Day – UAE 2 DAY is a user driven platform where people can post information related to UAE such as Daily News, Traffic Update, Job Openings, Deals & Offers, Question & Answers, Lost & Found and much more.
Verspa – A community where artists can express themselves, and their crafts.
Connect to other artists across the globe. Showcase your talents.
Are you launching a new site? Would you like to be featured on our Community roundup? Send us an email at and send us the URL for your site so we can check it out!

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