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With the advent of on-demand ride sharing services like Lyft or Uber, it only makes sense that the next logical extension of this revolution in transportation would extend to to the skies. SurfAir is truly one of the most intriguing companies that I have run across in recent years offering a monthly subscription service for unlimited air travel certain destinations. I got to chat with Matthew over at SurfAir recently about what they are up to and how they are using SocialEngine.
For those out there who haven’t heard of you guys, what service does SurfAir provide?
Surf Air is an all-you-can-fly membership airline. We fly through private air terminals, which saves an average of 4 hours on a round trip flight.

You guys are a pretty new company, how has the public been receiving SurfAir?
Our launch has received a positive reception, and the best evidence for that is that our membership is currently full. But we also have some great press:
In what capacity are you currently using SocialEngine?
Surf Air relies on Social Engine for our company intranet. We use it to facilitate communication between our 70 plus team members. It’s a great tool for open communication and the dissemination of information across our 3 offices.

What are your plans for community development as it pertains to your company? How do you plan to go about developing this community?
We’re currently using the basic Social Engine features, but we plan to add much more. Everything from housing corporate documents, providing industry news, and incorporating digital tools for our team members.
What advice do you have for other individuals and companies that are focused on building a community?
Just get it launched. The basic features are enough to start building a community, and for Surf Air, a team culture. It’s easy enough to add on features down the road.
What’s on the horizon for SurfAir? Any exciting news in your near future?
We’re working hard to bring on more locations, more planes, and that will allow us to fly with more members.

Any parting words? (for the SocialEngine community)
Social Engine is a great product, and we’re stoked to be using it. It’s simple, fast, and is a valuable part of the Surf Air culture.
Thanks again for SurfAir for taking the time to chat and thanks to all of you for reading! Read more about SurfAir, how they work and what is in store for them over at
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