Ask John: Send Us Your Questions!

SocialEngine - Community Software

Hello, SocialEngine fans. This blog post brings back our Ask John spotlights, which highlights questions from you, our community, for our lead developer, John. For anyone who doesn’t know, John is the lead architect behind both SE Cloud and SE PHP. He knows the source code and everything else inside and out, so we’re opening up his knowledge to your questions. Please leave a comment with your question for John, or scan through comments after people start to share so you can upvote any comment you would like John to answer. Once we gather enough questions, we’ll write up a new post featuring your questions with John’s answers. Feel free to ask John anything related to our products. Questions in the past included ideal settings for caching, using Linux versus Windows, and Mootools versus Jquery. We’ll consider all types of questions, so go ahead and submit what’s on your mind. This is your chance to pick the brain of our lead developer, so jump in the comments and get started!

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