Condolences from SocialEngine

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The SocialEngine team is extending our condolences to our friends, family, and clients in the UK and across the world on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. She was so much more than a leader and her legacy will live on forever.

Her compassion, dignity, wisdom and sense of humor gave us all a glimpse of true leadership. She truly was one of a kind.

Though today is a sad day, we hope that the memories of her will help to bring solace. She made the monarchy so much more accessible, and because of that, there are many videos through which to experience her passion for her country, sense of humor, and grace.

We will end with a quote from Queen Elizabeth II. There were so many good quotes as she was quite insightful.

“If we resolve to be considerate and to help our neighbors; to make friends with people of different races and religions; and, as our Lord said, to look to our own faults before we criticize others, we will be keeping faith with those who landed in Normandy and fought so doggedly for their belief in freedom, peace and human decency.”

— in her 1994 Christmas broadcast