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SocialEngine is more than just a turnkey solution. A visit to our customize section demonstrates how dynamic a SocialEngine site can be with custom development. Modifications, simple or extreme, result in a social networking website specialized for you and your community. Sounds great, right? So how do you start? One place is our documentation section. Browse our tutorials and articles to trick out SocialEngine yourself. Or, if this PHP stuff is too technical, consider working with third-party developers active in the SocialEngine community. There are many resources available for you to build your community website how you want it.

Here’s some resources:

  • One of our developers recommended some developer tools in our blog months back. Due to its popularity, we’ve created a support article for easier accessibility. Check it out for information on setting up a local development environment, for Windows and Mac users!
  • Selecting a theme was also featured in a previous blog post. Create your own theme with this tutorial.
  • Interested in creating HTML pages within your SocialEngine site? Follow this tutorial to add a new page.
  • Make some cash with our subscription plans! Create free and paid plans, and control content access using these plans and Member Levels.

Our third-party developers assist SocialEngine users from design to development. They provide awesome feature additions with add-ons, and their customization services allow us to focus on the continued development of a supported and evolving product. We definitely encourage working with our third-party developers, and we’re committed to advancing these relationships for the benefit of you, our SocialEngine community! That said, all you developers out there, contact us with feedback!

Have any questions? We’re always available by email – info at socialengine dot net

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