Add-On Highlights – Timeline, Credits and E-Commerce

SocialEngine - Community Software

Continuing off our last Add-On Highlight post, here are some more add-ons recently developed for SocialEngine! Use the Contact Developer buttons to ask them any questions, and we’re always available as well! Contact us.
Add-on: SpurIT integrated LiteCommerce with SocialEngine to offer web store capabilities.
Add-on: SpurIT also developed a Theme Selector. Members can select from available themes for individual look.
Add-on: Hire-Experts developed a Credits Plugin so members can earn, purchase and spend credits!
Add-on: WebHive developed Timeline for SocialEngine. It’s just like Facebook! Check out a second Timeline add-on by Hire-Experts as well!
SocialEngine TimelineFor the full selection of add-ons, please visit our Customize section!

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