August 2014 SocialEngine Keeping it Rolling Update

SocialEngine - Community Software

Short Recap of August 

  • Kyle took a trip to Tijuana for a friend’s “celebration” and we still have not heard what happened. Apparently Vegas has nothing on Tijuana in the secrecy department
  • James was a guest speaker at his alma mater addressing faculty members about what is expected of students entering today’s work force. To summarize it was about: need more grit, and get them to build something/anything
  • Alex proved he was worthy of anchoring the beer pong team during the SocialEngine FAC with Room 214 (photo below)
  • Mike began harvesting the fruits (actually veggies) of his labors from the homestead and selling fresh veggies to office pass-er-buyers
  • Jason trapped a rattlesnake and charmed it safely into a bag. Nah, just kidding — would be a good story though
  • Stepan was a last minute addition to the Fantasy Football Draft and was continuously thwarted by James selecting his next draft target in front of him


SocialEngine FAC with Room 214

SocialEngine Cloud

Knowledge Base Work

  • Finished transfer of KB articles – now it’s time to spruce them up

Increased Support Staff

  • Added staff to help specifically with installs

Marketplace MVP

  • Finalized marketplace feature set and designs. Will be sharing those with our beta community
  • Continued to gather valuable feedback from our developer community, thanks a lot for participating


  • Cleaned up presence on oDesk and approved over 300 developers to our oDesk group. Membership now tops over 1000 developers, with 11 current open jobs. oDesk is a great place to both find work and to ask 3rd party devs for work

Updating SE PHP Demo

  • Made a ton of progress creating updated demo content and a scalable platform for deploying SE PHP codebase to the cloud

Website Relaunch

  • Ongoing design and marketing efforts on the relaunch (Swag, final designs, marketing plans)

Plan for September

  • Final touches on the redesign, with possibility of the relaunch coming sooner than later.
  • Launch new SE PHP demo with new content and latest version
  • New SocialEngine Cloud demo with new content
  • Continued SocialEngine PHP and SocialEngine Cloud bugfix releases
  • Creating a better trial experience with marketing and drip campaign revolving around that. Possible offering of technical support to help get trial installed
  • Finalizing the product roadmaps for SocialEngine PHP and SocialEngine Cloud

Thanks for the continuous feedback. We love hearing from our community.

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