A Private Custom Social Network Makes CRM Easy and More Effective

SocialEngine - Community Software

When the average person thinks of a social network, they think of their favorite personal platforms like LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, etc.
When business owners think of social networks, they think of how they can use the platforms to generate sales and attract customers. However, savvy business owners are realizing that there’s more to social networking and the ways it can accelerate business growth.
When your business builds a private custom social network for your staff and customers to communicate and thrive; you take customer service to the next level.
Private networks can quickly become intimate, fun communities your customers enjoy checking into several times a day. Social media platforms naturally drive people to think that way.
When you and your staff interact on your private network, you learn:

  • Where to take your organization in the future,
  • What new products and upgrades customers are craving,
  • What the prime frustrations and issues are with your current product or service offerings,
  • Who your target demographic is on a deeper level, and
  • Where more opportunities for joint ventures with other firms exist

Social networks create brand advocates because the act of socializing is rewarding for many people. In addition, when they meet others who share their interests on your network, you have enhanced their lives.
Private social networks are especially ideal for B2B businesses.
In a professional climate, customers expect you to value their input on product and service development. Your products and services drive their business models. In many cases, your firm is one of a short list of vendors that business has. Social media platforms make it simple and efficient for executives to check in with every client often.
Now’s a great time to show that your modern business cares and that your plan for the future includes the people who matter most, Contact us today at SocialEngine. Let us help you create a safe, innovative space for your business to grow and engage with your customers.

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