3 Hidden Benefits of a Branded Community

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Branded communities are on the rise. They provide a wealth of benefits both to consumers and brands by starting an open dialogue.
In other words, they’re invaluable to your brand’s growth.
But beyond the basic benefits of chatting face-to-face with loyal consumers, there are a few lesser known reasons to build your own branded community. Here are three hidden benefits to keep in mind when you decide to build your own.
1. Lower support costs
With a positive atmosphere ripe for customer feedback, there’s less of a need to spend money on customer service call centers and support staff. 77% of brands say their community is a key component to their customer service. This means those Q&A sessions and troubleshooting guides can happen directly in your branded community. Less money, happier customers. It’s that simple.
2. Get rid of focus groups
Tired of hearing unenthused feedback from disengaged users? Say goodbye to the focus group. Asking questions directly inside the branded community cuts costs and gets relevant answers from repeat visitors. Your audience knows your brand, so their responses are much more valuable than strangers sitting around an office table meeting you for the first time. Win-win.
3. Increase SEO
You already know how important SEO is for increasing your brand’s online visibility. Hosting a branded forum like this boosts SEO by increasing keyword usage, decreasing page bounces, and adding even more reliable back links. In fact, 74% of brands use their community to drive organic search traffic. Two birds, one stone.
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