3 Common Myths About Branded Communities

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Branded communities are your new best friend.
They’re the hot trend right now and they’re not going away anytime soon.
With a captive target audience, brand cheerleaders all around, and the most beneficial feedback group you can imagine, it’s no wonder branded communities are so popular.
In order to get the most out of yours, there are a few common myths to dispel before you begin to grow.
1. Branded communities are a marketing strategy
Nope. Branded communities are not your answer to marketing woes. They are a smart business strategy for you to leverage your whole brand. If you let your branded community thrive off your brand’s core values, you not only succeed in filling your marketing funnel, you’ve paved the way for intuitive connections at every client touch point.
2. Branded communities are there to support you
False. They are there to support the members, your fans. The most successful communities let questions, feedback, and ideas flourish between members. This is their safe space to brainstorm and critique. Remember that criticism is just an opportunity for improvement and these voices in the community are your most loyal followers. Your number one job is to listen.
3. Branded communities grow like in Field of Dreams
Wrong. Just because you build it doesn’t mean they’ll come. If you build your branded community with an open mind, supportive customer service, and by empowering the members, they will do the rest of the legwork for you. Today’s brands are built on a holistic approach. Community members want their favorite brand to succeed, they want to be heard, and they want to share their enthusiasm with others. Engage the community and the brand will grow with a strong foundation.
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