3 Reasons Why Branded Communities Have the Upper Hand

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Looking to connect with your audience in a more meaningful way?
Branded communities are your next investment.
There are a few no-brainer reasons to join the numerous brands that curate their audience through branded communities. With a little work up front, you’ll hold the power of targeted advertising, consistent leads, and catered feedback in your hands. Here is why branded communities are a cut above the rest.
1. You already have the attention of the right people
By owning a branded community, you’re ten steps ahead of the game. You have the right people in the right place, the audience that consists of more than fans. You have your brand’s cheerleaders in your corner and they support your products, mission, and people.
Gillian Muessig, founding president of SEOMoz.org, agrees:

The concept that I was talking about was about creating a community around their brand, the idea, the products they serve; but far more importantly, around the people that work in that business itself.

2. Your audience is made of potential clients
While your competitors flail around digging for leads, you have a shimmering pool of interested potential clients right there in your branded community. They’re just waiting for an opportunity to work with you and prove their commitment to your products and services. Listen to their needs and you’ll always have a waiting list ready to buy.
3. Feedback is given with your brand identity in mind
As everyone in your branded community knows the ins and outs of your brand, their comments and input are invaluable. Their feedback is precisely the set of voices you need and would otherwise spend hours tracking down. Listen intently and ask questions often. Members are there to support you, so be sure to show appreciation and incorporate their input in the future.
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