Why Certified SocialEngine Plugins?

SocialEngine - Community Software

Our SocialEngine Certified Marketplace has been open for over a year now! In that time, we have seen some really great plugins submitted by third party experts. We’ve also heard a ton of great feedback from clients who’ve been purchasing from it. Along with the great feedback we have also had some questions, so we wanted to take some time to address them here! We hope this proves helpful..

Benefits of Purchasing from the Certified Marketplace
The first question we started receiving was simply, why should someone purchase form our marketplace? What incentive is there to purchasing through our site for the end user. We believe the following reasons are the perfect reasons to purchase from the marketplace:

  • The Certified Marketplace eliminates the guesswork of whether a plugin works. All plugins are tested on a freshly installed SocialEngine site and our team checks to ensure that the certified products install without any errors. They also do a basic run through for any major issues. Only products without functional issues are approved.
  • The Certified Marketplace allows for easier upgrades. Certified products are not allowed to have source code or database edits. This makes upgrades a much easier process as it eliminates the obstacles that can arise with source or database edits.
  • The Certified Marketplace allows for product updates to be released faster. No more waiting for updates to products! Certified products are required to be tested and updated to latest version within 30 days of a release.
  • The Certified Marketplace ensures that product support by the expert is provided. We make sure that all experts provide answers to support issues within five business days. Certified products have a link to the expert’s support terms where they state the amount of free support, days of operation and how to purchase additional support.
  • The Certified Marketplace provides easy download access via your SocialEngine account dashboard. No more visits to multiple sites to get your downloads!

Benefits of Submitting Products to the Certified Marketplace
We have also been asked what we provide to the experts submitting to our marketplace. The following are a few key elements of the services we can now provide with the Certified marketplace to our experts:

  • SocialEngine tests each plugin. This helps boost confidence in purchases and increases sales. After many years of not providing this service, we received a lot of feedback asking us for more security. By providing internal SE testing our end users have a greater degree of confidence that all products will work as advertised.
  • We promote each approved product via blogs, the SocialEngine community and social media posts. This is great advertising at no extra cost!
  • Products with five star reviews can be featured at the top of the marketplace. This adds to the exposure of your product and increases sales.
  • Certified products show in the client’s SocialEngine PHP admin panel. With this, your product can be seen by every SocialEngine PHP client!
  • Easy downloads for clients mean you don’t have to store the files on a server, secure them, or pay for download bandwidth!
  • Anti-piracy checks upon install help to ensure you get paid for your work.

We hope this helps to show why the SocialEngine Certified Marketplace is for you! Got more questions? No problem! Feel free to ask at our community.