vBulletin/phpBB2, Tutorials Area, SE 2.4 Released

SocialEngine - Community Software

We’ve created a new clients-only tutorial section
where clients can check out tutorials and mods created by other clients as well as the SE team itself.
These tutorials offer step-by-step instructions for adding new features to your SE installation.
To send it off with a bang, one of our first tutorials is a vBulletin/phpBB2 integration mod that
will show you how to integrate either of those popular forum systems with SocialEngine. Although we
do not provide support for any of the tutorials, we think they will help you make your social network
more useful and fun! Also, if you would like to share a mod that you’ve already created
with the SE community, please feel free to send it to us.
We hope you enjoy all the new goodies!

Secondly, we’ve released SocialEngine 2.4. This update contains bug fixes for some minor issues that have
been reported recently. Head on over to the client area and download the 2.4 zip!

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