v3 Beta Download Available!

SocialEngine - Community Software

The much-awaited time has come, guys! You can all either purchase SE from the order page or upgrade to v3 in your client area to have access to the v3 beta zip file. A few things to note:

1. This is a BETA. We have labeled it this way for a couple of reasons (plugins not available, so many files were changed that there is the potential for bugs, etc). The main point of this release is to allow you all to get your hand on v3 and start applying your customizations, fixing your layout, and adapting your plugins to fit it – oh, and not to mention help us find bugs that we couldn’t work out with just the public beta.

2. The plugins for v3 are NOT AVAILABLE yet. Please do not try to install v2 plugins on your v3 beta system. They WILL NOT WORK. I am working on the plugins now and I’ll keep you all appraised of their status. If you have upgraded, the plugins will be downloadable in the client area as they become available.

3. We expect there to be bugs. We would love it if you could find them for us so that we can fix them and move toward a stable v3 faster. The priority over the next couple of weeks will be primarily bug-fixing and working on plugins. To that end, I would truly appreciate it if any feature requests for the platform could be put off until the plugins are finished. Thanks!

4. I have not provided an upgrade script in the v3 zip. The reason for this is two-fold. The first reason is that we want to work out all the kinks in the software before we worry about the upgrade. The second reason is more important – we would rather you play around with v3 first before you upgrade your existing installation. This will ensure that you understand that the plugins aren’t available, that this is a beta, etc, etc, before you accidentally wipe your existing installation.

This beta release is a new thing we are trying. The idea is to help work out all the kinks in the software before we declare it stable. This will also give you time to play with it while I work on the plugins.

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