The Importance of Interest-Based Communities

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It is hard to deny the impact that social media has had on the world. It has changed the way that people connect with friends, co-workers, and celebrities. It has also brought attention to several social issues and changed the way legal systems function on a domestic and international level.

However, there are flaws that come with several social media. While these media may have been influential at first, many feel that they are losing their appeal. Several users complain that social media is dense, superficial, and fleeting.
As a matter of fact, Nina Khosla, a contributor for Tech Crunch, noted that ‘as the size of the network increases, our ability to be social decreases.’
Many believe that these issues are being solved with the creation of interest-based communities. Interest-based communities are networks that are dedicated to specific niches or ideas. They allow users to share their experiences with like-minded people.
Instead of encouraging superficial success, users work to uplift each other around goals that matter to them. With these networks, users are able to gain knowledge, receive support, and establish recognition around their peers. That is more than enough for interest-based community members.
Social media have changed the way we communicate with the world. However, as time progresses the function of the media networks has changed. The networks, that were once used to garner real relationships, have become about popularity contents and saturated information.
Many people believe that interest-based communities are the answer. These communities are smaller and allow users to communicate with like-minded peers, get real support, and recognition for the things they care about.
While this may not be different from the popularity contests that have taken over most social media, it is more than enough for interest-based community members. If you would like to learn more about these interest-based communities, visit us.

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