The Benefits of Interest-based Communities

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Communities have always existed. Since humanity first began communities were called tribes, which were a group of individuals banning together against the elements. People in these nomadic groups then created their own religions, cultures, and ideals in order to form a sense of belonging as well as structure. In today’s high tech world we look to establish this belonging further than where we are geographically located. We join online interest-based communities

The benefits of these digital communities are far reaching. They enable users the ability to network and relate to others on a global scale. People are establishing their own unique communities via the internet that are based solely on their personal pursuits. Below are a few reasons why interest-based communities are so popular.

  •  Individuality – The interest-based community is founded around the idea of users creating a blog or website around their individual pursuits. By becoming a member of an interest-based blog your entire focus of that blog is what makes you tick. You’re the star. Do you like cooking? Photography? Fashion? Whatever the hobby, you are given the tools to feature what inspires you on a digital platform. You are given the gift of personalization and absolute control of your own digital space.
  • Community – Unlike Facebook, an interest-based community isn’t founded on the notion of making offline connections online connections. It is a much broader network. It allows you to meet like-minded individuals from around the world that share your pursuits. Interest-based communities are about crossing social, economic, religious, and cultural differences to unite people in their passions. Your friends list will have unlimited potential on an interested-based blog.
  • Accessibility – An interest-based community makes delving into your hobbies easier since it provides all the resources you need to fully immerse yourself in your hobbies. This means your feed will no longer be bogged down by things you find uninteresting. Why? Because the friends you will have chosen on an interest-based community will share your common interests, so their blogs will feature things you’ll actually enjoy.  You’ll have unlimited access to articles, videos, and other resources centered around your pursuits on an interest-based community because it is a space geared exclusively towards your pursuits.
  • Networking – An interest-based community also provides more opportunities to the user in terms of the real world. Such blogs can be used to network with other people or even companies that share your interests. For example, a freelance writer would benefit from an interest-based community because they could spotlight their writing and editing knowledge on it. By doing so, they are opening the door to other writers, readers and publishers to notice their passion for language. Their friends list would then serve as a means to branch out in their field as much as it would be used to connect socially with others.

As you can see, it is no wonder that interest-based communities are quickly becoming the platform of choice for most users. It allows those desiring to find acceptance and solidarity through shared passions a way to make friends and highlight their personalities. It also proves useful for individuals that wish to network or discover more about their personal hobbies. Truly, an interest-based community is a gateway to establishing long lasting connections, bonds, and a sense of belonging. Join one today. Join a community that cares.

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