Spencer's Digs: Musical Bundle

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Howdy everyone! Did ya miss me? I missed all of you!! I’ve been busy helping the team with spring cleaning. When I saw them moving the furniture around, I figured I would give them a paw. I got all of the furniture out of the other rooms and buried it in the backyard! They were so happy too. 🙂 Almost as happy as when I cleaned out the refrigerator last month – that stuff was so yummy!

Anyways! I was digging around again in the marketplace and came up with this great stuff that I think would be perfect for our more musically inclined community builders. Check this out:
Music Sharing – From full playlists to single song posts, members can share music with your community by embedding music players into profiles and by posting directly to the activity feed.
Groups – Members and Musicians can create groups to socialize around any topic with other members who have similar interests. Groups act as smaller communities within your community, and are places of discussion and sharing under member control. Fans can create groups for their favorite musicians!
Video Sharing – Allow members to share videos from thousands of popular media sites or upload videos from their computers, keeping members engaged and entertained. Musicians can upload their concert or music videos to broaden their fan base!
Even better, on top of all this cool stuff, I also found the discount machine and put all of this together in a great bundle just for you! If you want to start a music site, or perhaps another type of site with these, you can grab this special deal at only $349!!
This limited time offer is good from April 4, 2018 through April 30, 2018 so grab it now here!
It was great chatting with you again! I’ll post again soon. You can connect with me at the community as well. I feel a howl coming on – going to sing with the team now!
Always Your Buddy,
Spencer W. Ebligo