Spencer's Adventures – Digging in to the Certified Marketplace

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Howdy friends!

I’m back! I’ve been having so much fun with the team. James recently bought a new chair and the seat smells like my chew toy! Wow how great that he thought of me when he bought it. It’s much bigger than the other chew toys and makes a funny scrunching sound when I chew on it. The best thing is, if I sit on it and chew on the back, it spins! Weeee! Though I did knock a few things off his desk. Well, actually I cleared his entire desk off but he didn’t need all that stuff on there anyway right?

So, after all that fun, I noticed the new Certified Marketplace! Well, I just had to explore it and bring you the scoop. It’s awesome!! It has icons that show when a listing is certified by SocialEngine. No, the icons can’t be chewed on, I already tried. They are great though as they show that the product is tested by the SocialEngine team and works without errors in their tests.
These certified products show up in the client dashboard when purchased. How cool is that?!? This way, if I bury my product files like I tend to do, I can just go in my dashboard and find them again, easy peasy! You know what that means? I can download them over and over and bury them over and over. Yippee!
Each product shows releases, a reason for that release, the SE PHP version it’s tested with, and the date it was updated. Experts can even post a changelog in the release notes section. This is very helpful for clients to know why a release is made and what changes are made.
Experts who put these great products in the Certified Marketplace get special treatment! I love special treats by the way. Certified products show up in the front of the store and also in the Admin Panel of each SocialEngine PHP website! Oh, and the best part? They also get mentioned by yours truly in my adventures in the marketplace. That’s gold right there. There’s a special place for mentions of these on the community as well, https://community.socialengine.com/forums/18/what-s-new . Mega exposure for these nifty products!
Here are some of the awesome certified listings already in the marketplace:
Responsive Clean Wide Theme – by SocialEngineSolutions
Browser Push Notifications Plugin – by SocialEngineSolutions
Atlas Theme – by SocialEngine
Feature Member Widget – by ScriptTechs
Random Groups Widget – by ScriptTechs
Random Polls Widget – by ScriptTechs
Staff Display Block – by ScriptTechs
Uplinks – by ScriptTechs
Google Translate Plugin – by ScriptTechs
Buffer Share Plugin – by ScriptTechs
Want more certified plugins? Contact your favorite expert and request their plugins be certified! Note that to best experience certified plugins, we recommend a minimum SocialEngine PHP version of 4.9.4p4 as we have improvements added.
Got questions about the certified marketplace? Please feel free to ask in our community.
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