Spencer's Adventures: Atlas Sneak Peek

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image19Hey! Over here!! Guess what I found? Oh boy you’ll never guess. :DI was sniffing around Ray’s office, it smells of bacon. I love bacon! I found a hidden stash of bacon in his desk so of course after munching on that, I had to look for more. Well, I found…


This new theme bundle is full of great features! Ready? Check this out!

Customizable Splash Page

You can edit the text that shows on this page to make it a fully customized experience. The background image is totally up to you! Best of all – it rotates between however many images you decide to load for it! WOW! Great stuff!!

Auto-complete Search

Yes, that’s right! Atlas includes an auto-complete feature for searching! Now how awesome is that?

User Drop down Menu

Now this is pretty cool. A drop down menu for the member’s profile, account and logout links.

Posting to the Feed

New look for posting a feed status. This sleek look will surely entice your members to post!

Writing a Comment to a Feed Post

Sleek design invites members to comment and keep the discussions moving along!

Blogs that Pop

That’s right! Your blogs will practically pop off the screen with this new design. Blog views are designed for optimal viewing pleasure. (Requires Blog plugin)

Profile Header Improved

A nice, sleek profile header to delight your members! Who could resist this?

Photo Section Thrills

Designed to emphasize and create a dramatic effect for your site’s photos. (Requires Album plugin)

Exciting Music Player

Impress your music lovers with this eye-popping music player! (Requires Music Plugin)

Re-Designed Activity Feed

This newly designed activity feed brings a focus to the activity on your site. Your members will appreciate this easy to read format.

Member Browse in the Spotlight

Put a spotlight on what counts – your members. This design focuses attention on each member and encourages member interactions with an easy to find “Add Friend” link.

Full Width Videos in Feed

That’s right! You can now have full width videos in your activity feed. Your members are going to love this and want to add more and more videos! (Some features require Video Plugin)

Full Width/Height Chat

Want more space for your chat? No problem! Atlas provides a full width/height chat room. (Requires Chat Plugin)

Forum Topics

Designed for optimum readability and navigation. Your members will love spending time in your forum. (Requires Forum plugin)

Editing a Form

Designed for ease of use, this design shows the edit form in a clean format. (Blog edit shown below requires Blog plugin)

Browsing Entries in Sections

Designed to focus on content, your members will find items displayed in an attractive format.

It’s Responsive!

That’s right! This is a responsive theme that doesn’t require the mobile plugin. This screenshot shows the responsive profile.

Dress it up with Profile Banners

Atlas includes support for members to add profile banners!
Phew! That was a lot to dig out. The good news is, this theme will be for sale in the marketplace soon. I have to go now. Ray’s keyboard smelled like bacon so I cleaned it up some, with my tongue, and accidentally ate his S. Maybe he won’t notice. 😀 Your pal Spencer.

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