Spencer Explores the SocialEngine Marketplace

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spencer explores socialengine marketplace
It’s been a fun week! I’ve been learning to swim! So far, I can do the dog paddle almost like an expert. Great, right?
I love to visit the SocialEngine team after a swim! They just get so excited to see me. I thought they all wanted a hug so I obliged each one. Oh they just loved it! They loved it so much, they put me in the Spencer room. That’s a room just for me. It has toys, chewed shoes, and some things I found and hid under my blankie. After a nap, I decided to go dig around the marketplace and found some great stuff. Good ole Spencer loves to share so have a gander at these:
Courses/Learning Section – Create courses and allow your members see lectures and try to complete tests! By SocialEnginePro . “I suggest a course on dog grooming…”
Social Publisher – Transform your website into a social hub around your member’s social identity. By SocialEngineMods . “Gee, this would make it really easy to post all about good ole Spencer to all social media outlets at once! You know you want to ;)”
Reactions/Emoji – An effective way to increase engagement and measure your members’ sentiment. By Radcodes . “I wonder if they have dog emojis…”
Scroll Top – Add a scroll to top button. By Web80 Team. “No one likes to be lost at the bottom of a page. This helps them pop to the top!”
Whoops! The team made me stop digging around. Now they have to patch the hole I made. Sure was fun though! Have a look at all of those great things I found and see if some of them would fit in with your site. You might find them as awesome as I did!
Thanks for spending time with me! Keep your tails wagging and your fur dry! Until next time, this is Spencer signing off. 😉

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