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SocialEngine PHP and SocialEngine Cloud come with some great tools for member management. This article will help you find and use those tools effectively. We’ll also show you a few certified plugins that can help with member management.

SocialEngine Cloud
The tutorial entitled, How to Manage Members, provides info for where to find members, how to see member details and how to edit or delete members. This article will also show you the steps to  invite members so that you can grow your site, download a member list, edit user details and much more!
If you want to control who can join your site, you can do that via the Privacy settings. This allows you to set whether you allow anyone to sign up or whether you require invitations in order to join. You could also set the Facebook and/or Twitter integrations to allow members to join via those social media sites.
Posts and Comments also are under your control. With posts, you can delete any post that you find doesn’t fit your website terms. For comments, you can use Disqus to fully control comments on your community.
SocialEngine PHP
SocialEngine PHP allows you to set up different member levels that allow varying degrees of access to your site. This can also help with monetization via subscriptions.
In addition to member level settings, each official SocialEngine plugin also has settings that allow you to control which members have access to each plugin. You’ll find a tutorial for each official plugin in our main knowledgebase table of contents and also linked in admin panel in the plugin’s page.
Spam and Banning tools help you control unruly members or those that may be spamming your website. You can ban by IP address, email, and profile address. In addition, you can also add some censored words for words you may not want used on your site.
The above tools for SocialEngine PHP and SocialEngine cloud put you in full control over your members. That’s not all though! The talented third party experts in the SocialEngine Certified Marketplace have some nifty plugins for SocialEngine PHP. Have a look:
Advanced Contests Plugin– by SocialEngineSolutions. You may not at first think of contests as a way to manage members. However, you could make a contest for nicest member or most helpful member, etc. Doing this, your members would want to be on their best behavior in order to win.
Tasks – by SocialEngineExperts. This plugin allows you to set tasks for members. With this, you could set tasks for your staff to check on member issues, reports and other things you may need them to do.
Pokes Plugin – by SocialEngineAddOns. You could use Pokes to have staff “Poke” members as infractions. Set it so that only your staff can do the pokes. Perhaps even change the word “Poke” to “Warning” or something like that.
Staff Display Block – by ScriptTechs. This handy widget shows your members who your site staff is. This can help members know who to contact on the site if they have member issues or who is authorized to give them warnings of their behavior.
We’re getting creative with some of these but that’s what community is about. Finding creative ways in which to manage and engage members. We suggest that you contact each expert above in order to ensure the plugin will work the way you want, before purchasing.
We hope you’ve found this article helpful. Please feel free to suggest more articles or ask questions at our community!

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