SocialEngine PHP 4.8.10 is Released


We’re glad to announce that SocialEngine PHP 4.8.10 is released. This update comes with total 15 fixes out of which 10 were reported by our awesome community. It comes with an upgraded and better version of flowplayer and also fixes an issue that happened because of some recent changes done by Facebook in their API.
While we’re working hard to deliver some great features in our next release, we felt that releasing an update with some relevant fixes would be good for your online communities to remain updated on technical and security fronts.
How to upgrade: You can download this latest version of SocialEngine PHP from the client area. We’ve also updated Blogs, Classifieds, Events, Groups, Forums and Videos plugins to 4.8.10.
Click here to read the full KB article on the detailed upgrade process.

  • Fixed issue with email not getting populated during signup via Facebook. This issue was a result of some changes done by Facebook recently in their API.
  • Fixed issue with post sharing not working when Janrain integration is enabled.
  • Upgraded FlowPlayer to v3.2.18 fixing some vulnerabilities that existed in older version. Issue #56
  • Updated Blog Module to fix a potential vulnerability.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented HTML5 videos from playing when displayed using embed code.
  • Fixed issue with members’ search not working with select-box type profile fields.
  • Fixed security warnings appearing on SSL enabled websites when using VigLink. Fixes #32
  • Fixed issue with group invite notifications not being sent to members. Fixes #191
  • Fixed multiple log errors. Fixes #247, #220 and more
  • Added some missing translations. Fixes #255 and more
  • Fixed translation issue with text that suggests using full uploader when trying to upload video from activity feed. Fixes #53
  • Fixed typo in Search Page title. Fixes #251
  • Fixed scaffold issue with absolute URLs. Fixes #275
  • Fixed transaction error that appeared when using PHP’s PDO adapter.
  • Updated code to fetch description from og:description tag when adding a link from activity feed if description meta-tag has not been not set for that page.
  • Fixed search issue with member’s transaction details.
  • Added exif, which is required for correct rotation of photos uploaded via mobile devices, to the list of recommended PHP extensions.
  • Increased token expiry time to fix issue that prevented users from posting a blog if they were on the page for more than 5 minutes. Fixes #73

Changelog: You can also browse the complete changelog for more details about the changes and fixes implemented in SocialEngine PHP 4.8.10.
NOTE: Please make sure that you do a complete backup of both files and database before performing this upgrade. Please get it done by a developer if you’re not comfortable with the installation and backup process yourself. We do have an upgrade service available for $150 which you can purchase from our Client Store.
Your feedback is important to us. So, keep submitting feature requests or bug reports for SocialEngine PHP to our public bugs and suggestions tracker. Thanks again for your support!
Please contact us if you have any questions.
Thank you!

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