SocialEngine PHP 4.6 – What We’re Working On

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Hey SocialEngine PHP community builders! We’ve been working on SE PHP 4.6 and want to keep you posted on our progress and future roadmap.The list below is actually incomplete – these are items that will definitely make it into SocialEngine PHP 4.6 – depending on time, we will likely add more improvements to the release which is scheduled for June 19.

Improvements in SocialEngine PHP 4.6:

  • Fixes the photo upload bypass bug which has made some sites vulnerable to spamming
  • Fixes the problems caused sometimes by enabling gzip compression
  • Uses English as a fallback on email translations to avoid breaking user sign ups when some critical strings are missing
  • Better notifications for event invitations and approvals
  • Fixes bug where announcements to networks that have no members get shown to other members
  • Fixes bug where [object_link] placeholder in the Friend Request email template doesn’t work properly
  • Better CSS3 support in stock themes (replacing old browser-specific properties)
  • Fixes line breaks messing up the “view more” feature in feed posts
  • Fixes broken drop-down menu on admin’s Create Network page
  • Fixes hidden albums appearing in photo widgets
  • Fixes bug where possible values for dependent profile questions appear in the wrong order
  • Fixes poorly formatted table on admin’s Manage Announcements page
  • Various other fixes for the announcement module
  • Fixes problems with the signup flow handling email addresses improperly
  • Fixes terms of service field breaking when a </p> tag is added
  • Fixes uploaded video aspect ratios not being properly retained
  • Various frontend and UX improvements
  • Various minor performance enhancements
  • Improvements to CSV language translation performance
  • Improvement to the optimization for the likes feature (added in 4.5), reducing worst-case query load from 25 to 1 compared to SE PHP 4.3
  • Removing purposeless warnings that fill up the error log.

We’ll be announcing a more complete roadmap for 4.7 and beyond after that release. In the meantime, we’d love to hear what you’d like to see added in upcoming versions of SE PHP. Thanks for helping us make SocialEngine PHP the best social network builder out there!

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