SocialEngine Marketplace MVP Beta Feedback Request

SocialEngine - Community Software

As announced in our May 2014 Keeping it Rolling post, we are embarking on creating a SocialEngine Marketplace.
We have had many conversations with our customers and 3rd party devs and by overwhelming response we have been asked to create a marketplace where customers can find, purchase and manage their 3rd party add-ons and where our developers can feature and sell add-ons.
The SocialEngine Marketplace will bring the power of SocialEngine’s developer ecosystem directly to SocialEngine customers.
It’s our hope to reduce the search time and cost of finding the perfect solution for customers seeking value-added SocialEngine partner add-ons. Customers will be able to easily find the add-ons they need and know the quality of the add-ons will not sacrifice the performance of their communities.
SocialEngine Marketplace MVP Features:

  • Ecommerce system for purchasing and payments
  • Certification testing
  • Product profiles
  • Listings
    • Filtered by categories
    • Popular
    • New
  • Rating and Reviews
  • FAQ

We encourage our 3rd party developers to provide feedback on their wants and needs with the system. If you are interested in participating in our Marketplace MVP feedback program please send an email to: and provide your name, company and contact info.

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