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We would like to announce changes to the SocialEngine marketplace and expert listings. 

The current marketplace is closing and we have set up a section within our community to allow SocialEngine users to connect with third party experts.. We feel that this will allow a better connection between experts and clients. 

Third party experts each have the ability to create their own groups within the community. This will allow third party experts to host discussions with potential clients and showcase upcoming product launches. Third party experts are also able to post listings for individual products and services and events to highlight sales or product launches.

This does mean that third party products will need to be removed from the SocialEngine dashboard and from now on will be managed via the third party expert who created the product. SocialEngine clients will have a full month following this official notice to contact each expert in order to transfer all purchases from the SocialEngine dashboard to the expert’s account area. You’ll want to provide a screenshot of the plugins/themes in your account at SocialEngine in order to provide proof of purchase to the expert. If there is any issue in providing proof of purchase, please contact our Sales Manager and he can assist. On December 2, 2020, the third party plugin section of the client dashboard will no longer be available and the files will be removed.

Experts are currently in the process of transferring their listings to our community and settling in to receive your feedback. We would like to remind any experts that have not started setting up their listings, profile, etc to do so as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your continued support of SocialEngine!

With Respect,

The SocialEngine Team