SocialEngine Beta Certified Marketplace Opens!

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We are pleased to announce the opening of the Beta Certified Marketplace! This update to our current marketplace allows experts to submit their products for testing and receive a certified SocialEngine icon.
Clients will then be able to choose between certified and noncertified products. Choosing a certified product will allow clients to rest assured that the product has been tested to install on a fresh SocialEngine site while producing no errors. Clients will also have peace of mind knowing that SocialEngine has tested the product. Reviews are greatly appreciated on all products in order to encourage experts to make more!
Certified listings will show which versions are supported and a revision history for the plugin. All Certified plugins are also required to have support from the expert per their support terms. Only products that work in current SocialEngine releases (4.9 and up) can be certified. This should help clients to easily find products that work in new releases. We also require that a certified product be updated within 30 days of SocialEngine releases in order to help clients to upgrade their sites faster. Major version releases will require re-certification testing to ensure they still work.
The certified marketplace should allow experts to have better exposure for their certified listings as we’ve included these listings in the clients’ admin panel. This will make it easier for clients to find great new products to purchase as well. As tested products will be more appealing, we expect experts to see increased sales of these type of products.
We’ll include more promotional opportunities for certified products. This can include blog posts, community posts, social media posts, paid sponsor listings, better position in the marketplace for optimal viewing, and more. If you’re a SocialEngine Expert or want to be one, now’s the time to get on board with the certified marketplace!
Please note that all terms of service and submission guidelines have been updated. All experts and clients are encouraged to read the updated documents.
This is a beta launch and could have bugs and/or areas that might need improvement. We welcome all feedback on the feedback section of our community. Please note that, though this is a beta, it is fully functional and any sales will be actual purchases. With that in mind, please only purchase what you want.
Thank you all for your feedback that helped bring this certified marketplace to fruition. More improvements will be coming so stay tuned!
With Appreciation,
The SocialEngine Team

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