SocialEngine Affiliate Program Update

SocialEngine - Community Software

With the onset of spring and new arrivals that brings, we’ve got news of a great change to our affiliate program.
As part of our continuing improvements, we’re moving our affiliate program to Rakuten Marketing. Rakuten has over 1 billion customers and a global reach to more than 230 countries. We feel that this change will provide a better experience for our affiliates, clients and our company.
The commission earned per SocialEngine PHP sale will remain the same at 15%. The dashboard with Rakuten Marketing offers more features and information regarding your sales and earnings. New to our affiliate program is the ability to earn 15% referral commission from SocialEngine Unite SaaS! This additional income opportunity was not available before with our SocialEngine Cloud product. Such exciting news for everyone!
To start earning now, please visit our affiliate page and join this new program.
What does all of this mean for our CJ affiliates? We spent months trying to work with CJ in order to get our affiliate program back on track. Here’s what happened. Our account was always curren,t and up to the point that things broke down from CJ’s end, things were smooth. Their system had an accounting glitch and they put our account offline. We paid the thousands of dollars that they required, with the agreement that once paid the account would be restored. When that didn’t happen, they again requested thousands more, which we again paid just to get the account online, figuring we could then go back and work with their accounting to get our money back.
It became apparent that this process of us paying and them not restoring the account was getting us nowhere. In order to rectify the situation and have a working affiliate program, we decided to change course and work with Rakuten. We are, at this time, shut out of the CJ account and are out the several thousand dollars we paid in just to restore it.
We’ve received word from some affiliates that CJ didn’t pay them. We recommend that any affiliates who haven’t been paid first try contacting CJ to request payment as we are not able to access the account. If that doesn’t work, please contact us by our website contact form.
As we cannot import the affiliates from CJ, we are asking all current affiliates to join our new program via the affiliate page linked above.
Wishing you much success,
The SocialEngine Team