SocialEngine 4.2.6 – Improved Site Performance and Page Loads

SocialEngine - Community Software
We’ve listened to your feedback, and we’re happy to announce that SocialEngine is now up to 60% faster! Download 4.2.6 and experience the power boost. Server configuration is still the biggest speed bump, 

so please review our documentation to be sure your installation is one finely tuned machine optimized for speed. 

As always, please remember to backup your site before upgrading. You may view the full changelog, and here’s our highlights.


  • CSV language packs can now be converted to PHP arrays from the Performance & Caching page in the admin panel. Since Zend_Translate is a major component of SocialEngine’s code, allowing PHP Arrays, in addition to CSV files, improves performance and speed, and the language can still be easily modified. Please note that the initial conversion may take longer than 30 seconds, but this will improve future page loads.
  • HTML files are now compressed using Gzip. Gzip compression provides maximum benefit for users accessing your community from slower internet connections, and is a simple and effective way to save bandwidth and improve site speed.
  • Bug fixes include – Improvements to our Grid Theme, Invalid Birthday Field error is now fixed, and user icons are now displayed in Forum posts.

Email us any questions, or please leave us a comment, thanks!


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