SE PHP 5 Roadmap!

SocialEngine - Community Software

Did ya miss me? I missed all of you! I love sneaking into HQ! There are always bacon bits on the floor at Ray’s desk and I get to share great stuff with all of you. While the team seems busy in a rousing match of ping pong, I’m gonna sneak in the dev room and grab screenshots for you! Ready to see what’s cookin’ for version 5? Here we go!

New Features

New Theme!

We’ve got an awesome, new responsive theme! This theme features an enhancement for accessibility so users can choose their font, contrast and more! Two designs that help showcase your site members and content in a modern, clean look. Here’s a peek:
Visitor Page, Two Styles
Friend Request Dropdown

Mobile App!

That’s right! We’ve got mobile apps coming for version 5. This is one of the most requested features and it’ll be FREE with your SE PHP license. These mobile apps are coming courtesy of SocialNetworking.Solutions! More details will be in our version 5 release blog.

Spam Control

We’re adding settings for flood control in order to help prevent spammer posts. This User Action Limit setting will let you control how your members can post on your site.

Two Step Authentication

This setting will have a code sent to the user when they try to log in. They’ll need to enter that code in order to continue logging in to their account. This is great for user security!


We’ve got even more coming! Here’s a quick list of enhancements included in version 5.

  • Remove APCu Cache – 
  • Add member level settings for Group plugins.
  • Add more default plugins to Groups!
  • Add manual payment method for subscriptions.
  • Update user info widget with more options and add settings for each relevant option.
  • Allow admin to resend verification email.
  • Removal of orphaned files and database entries.
  • Much more!!

All of the above are in addition to bug fixes that we’ll incorporate into this version. We’re working towards an initial release for late fourth quarter 2019 or early first quarter 2020. Got questions? Please feel free to ask at our community!