Plugin Updates (Events, Groups, Video)

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We’ve released updates for the Video, Events and Groups plugins to address some bug fixes. As always we recommend updating to keep your platform running as smoothly as possible.

Events Version 3.05
– Fixed bug with pagination for event media
– Added code to utilize hooked template includes
– Fixed problem where sessions started by third-party plugins would conflict with and prevent upload (for <=3.07 only); action media path and link will now use relative URL
– Fixed very minor security issue where at the most a private user’s username could be viewed; fixed a problem with html being displayed in event descriptions
– Added strip tags to the event descriptions
– Fixed rare bug related to action media where incorrect images would be displayed
– Fixed a small bug with the total member count
– Fixed reporting bug

Groups Version 3.06
– Fixed bug in Friends’ Groups view
– Fixed comment tab privacy settings
– Fixed totals caching issue when deleting media
– Added group post last edit tracking
– Fixed default group view privacy setting on initial install
– Added group post last edit tracking
– Fixed incorrect links on the discussions tab for the first and last posters’ profiles
– Added group post last edit tracking

Video Version 3.05
– Updated the mod rewrite rules
– Updated Flow Player to 3.1.0

Remember that you can find the exact list of changed files in the changelog which is included in each zip file. As always, let us know if you have any questions or comments!

SocialEngine Team
* EDIT: We apologize, the Events plugin version wasn’t incremented upon initial release – the problem should be fixed now.

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