October 2014 Keeping it Rolling Update

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October has been extremely busy here at SocialEngine, but not so much we can show a bit life happening around here.

  • Mike has been selling his fresh veggies and eggs harvested from his homestead
  • Stepan got his passport updated (where will he go next?)
  • Kyle has been sporting his new SocialEngine swag at our agency huddles
  • Jason played frisbee golf for the first time (he’s gotta fix that nasty slice) — there’s an 18-hole course under a mile from our office
  • James traveled to SF for meetings with Facebook, Google, Pinterest and Twitter

Frisbee Golf - Oh Yeah

Frisbee Golf – Oh Yeah

Work Done in October
New Website Infrastructure: we made serious progress on the website:

  • frontend dev is done
  • working on content
  • working on backend functionality
  • working on cleaning up the legacy systems which is very involved due to rich history and a lot of moving pieces

…it will be worth the wait for sure
SocialEngine Cloud

  • The roadmap is almost completed and will be ready to share it soon. Just gotta say – post and comment editing are priority features.
  • Best cloud yet – release notes as always on our community

It’s been a major clean up, all the work needed to align our dev and marketing teams, shifting of responsibilities, new processes in place, old accounts SE Cloud accounts shut down, domains consolidated.
Affiliate Program
We shut down the homegrown affiliate system and are using CJ exclusively — here’s our CJ account sign up page in case you have yet to transfer your account over.
What’s Ahead for November

  • Presentation of SocialEngine Cloud and PHP roadmaps
  • New site and brand launch
  • New SocialEngine Marketplace launched followed by drinking heavily and thanking all of our friends, devs, and families
  • Updated reseller program

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