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SocialEngine - Community Software

We’ve been listening to your feedback here at SocialEngine headquarters
and, as always, we’re working hard at tweaking the engine. We’ve
released version 3.04 of the Groups plugin, version 3.02 of the Video
plugin and version 3.04 of the Blogs plugin.

Improvements to all three include:
-New installations will use static language variable IDs to ease importing
-Fixed handling of “Public Permissions Defaults” setting in the admin panel
-Built-in uploader compatible with 3.10+
-Action media uses relative path
-Added client-side validation to uploader for file size and extension
(flash uploader only)
-Added site statistics for 3.10+

Blogs v3.04:
-User created categories are now private and can be disabled in the
admin panel
-Some query optimizations
-Backwards compatible with 3.07

Groups v3.04:
-Basic subdirectory URL support
-Admin can now control whether or not users can view, join, or create groups
-Discussion post HTML is now stripped when inserted into action feed to
prevent layout problems
-Added [code] bbcode support to discussions
-Fixed broken deletion of groups in admin panel under View Groups
-Action and notify links and titles for group media comments will be
fixed if using 3.11
-Added and edit group link on group.php for leader

Video v3.02:
-Fixed bug that would prevent videos from showing up in action feed on
-Added utility in the installer that tries to find the ffmpeg binary
-Backwards compatible with 3.07

We’d like to bring you the highest quality software possible, so please
let us know what you think or if you find any issues with the release!

Edit: If you downloaded blogs or groups before January 27, 2009 8PM PST, there were some minor bugs:

Blogs – Problem with escaping apostrophes in include/class_blog.php
Groups – Typo in the installer, would only affect fresh installs of the plugin

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