July 2014 SocialEngine Keeping it Rolling Update

SocialEngine - Community Software

Short Recap of July

  • James visited Kyle in LA. After breaking bread and consuming a few drinks, they came across an artist stand selling some pretty cool Star Wars art. So Kyle is now a proud owner of a custom R2D2 painting:


  • Alex Herz joined the SocialEngine team as our newest employee in our Boulder office. He’s doing everything from product support to product management. We’re glad to be adding to the team
  • Stepan has been experimenting with night running with a headlamp. He thinks it’s cool, but he’s knees don’t
  • Mike hosted a 4th of July party and still had some beer left in the keg which he has kept in his fridge. That keg has made its way to the office today for FAC’ing
  • Jason, who grew up in Colorado and has lived here for quite a while, finally visited Crested Butte — the best mountain town in all of Colorado. He can claim the native status now

SocialEngine Cloud:
We fixed and improved stability of the platform as well as worked through communication and fixes regarding previous downtime. Problem solved now. Small updates to the SocialEngine Cloud:

  • Better handling of Twitter
  • Taking into account v2 Facebook apps (disabling invite-a-friend)
  • Better post editing for admins

As always you can find updates about SocialEngine Cloud in our SocialEngine Cloud community.
SocialEngine PHP
Released v4.8.6 – see our post from yesterday to review the notes.
We transitioned email support over to Desk.com and are currently transferring the Knowledge Base articles over. This is no small task.
We added support videos for getting started on SocialEngine Cloud.
Upcoming SocialEngine Marketplace
We’ve been getting and responding to feedback from the developers in our SocialEngine Marketplace MVP Beta. Many thanks to all of you who have given your time, energy and effort to process.
 Plans for August

  • Finalize SocialEngine Marketplace functionality
  • Finalize feature set for new SocialEngine website and determine a release timeline
  • Update SE PHP demo
  • Transfer and update support articles
  • Continue to support Cloud and PHP with minor updates
  • Launch a SocialEngine community manager community

Again, we love hearing from our community of users and developers. Keep the feedback coming.
With appreciation,

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