Introducing Add-on Highlights

SocialEngine - Community Software

SocialEngine users develop hundreds of modules for our platform. They may be powering your communities right now. Need a custom feature not available out of the box? There’s a good chance it’s already developed and for sale thanks to these developers. From video chat services, to ecommerce, to full-featured Android/iOS applications, these innovative add-ons help make SocialEngine the best community builder on the market. We’ll be highlighting some regularly on our blog, so stay tuned.

Visit our Customize section to browse all of the newest add-ons and stay up to date (we receive add-on submissions daily!). Here’s some from this week.

Theme: Shane Barcinas bundled his four beautiful themes into one $50 package. Unfortunately, he is closing shop, so don’t miss the opportunity to score his work while it’s available! His domain,, is for sale as well!

Add-on: Integration4us developed a simple widget that adds profile privacy settings directly into the signup process, so new members can select their profile privacy during registration.

Add-on: Modules2Buy/YouNet developed an Affiliate System that tracks referrals to your website and integrates with our invitation system, member subscriptions, and their e-commerce modules.

Have any questions? Send an email our way. Also, don’t forget to upgrade to 4.2.2!

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